Here’s a number of books I’ve published. The first two are collections of my column „Früher war alles schlechter“ (Everything Used to be Worse). Michael Walter and Lisa Charlotte Rost created the fantastic infographics. You can see some of them on Lisa’s page.

The book (2017) can be ordered here.

Press quotes:
“A useful antidote to rampant despondency and to the pessimism of apocalyptic prophets.” (Bayern 2)
“An important book that counters end of the world attitudes with facts. A book one will turn to again and again.” (
“Valuable factual tidbits for discussion with those permanently stuck in the past.” (P.M.)
“A hundred pages of good news as the dissenting voice to unending reports of shocking events.” (annabelle)

Früher war alles schlechter 2 – Everything Used to be Worse 2 (2018)
Visuals, again, by Michael Walter. Contains contributions by many esteemed Der Spiegel colleagues, too. Available here.

Reisen ins Landesinnere – Reportagen aus der Schweiz (2012)

„Travelling Inland“ is a collection of my features about Switzerland, where I grew up and where I worked as a journalist for many years. The book contains dozens of great pictures by renowned Swiss photographer Andri Pol. Available here.

The blog Newly Swissed captured it very well:
„In ‚Reisen ins Landesinnere‘, Guido Mingels skipped the broad brushes of stereotypes in lieu of many small and detailed ones. The result is a multilayered and fascinating collection of essays on Switzerland. Do Swiss people have a sense of humor? How do teenagers spend their weekends? Are there any farmers with full-body tattoos? (yes!) These are just a few topics which Mingels has covered during the past decade. The essays are underlined with stark photographs by Andri Pol. One by one, each visual amounts to a photographic documentation of Switzerland. Often with a spark of humor, Pol has managed to capture scenes of everyday life – truly making this publication a feast for the eyes!“

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